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Is it against the law for someone to check your credit for no reason?

dawnwhitehurst asked: I found out my ex-husband did an on-line credit check and I have the proof he did it. If there is a law for this, where can I get a copy of the statutes?THOMAS

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Will I be a victim of a fake check scam from this free site I signed up for? please read this?

hrcdrc asked: I’ve been trying to find ways to earn money online. I ran into so many scams–I’m disappointed that the FTC or the BBB isn’t doing enough to take these scammers offline. Anyway, I found something that does sound legitimate. I won’t get rich right away, but I’m still skeptical. The site’s called [...]

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Are there any totally free ways to do background checks, people searches, criminal/arrest records online?

PianoPirate asked: It seems like they all say they are free until you try to search then they want a credit card number? How do I search public records for free?Create a video blog

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