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Help! Will I be a victim of a fake check scam from this free survey site I signed up for?

hrcdrc asked: I’ve been trying to find ways to earn money online. I ran into so many scams–I’m disappointed that the FTC or the BBB isn’t doing enough to take these scammers offline. Anyway, I found something that does sound legitimate. I won’t get rich right away, but I’m still skeptical. The site’s called [...]

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Credit checks?

ben r asked: I live in Australia and need to get a loan, but before i do i wanted to check my credit history. I have looked online but could only find sites in U.S.A or Canada. I was wanting to do this online and preferably free. Can anyone help. Thanks.Caffeinated Content

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Can i use a National City checkcard as a credit card?

justme42057 asked: I just recieved my checkcard in the mail the other day. I just opened a new checking and savings account through national city and I can use it like a debit (a pin) which is what I thought it only allowed but they want me to sign up for national city points which [...]

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I am in the process of closing out my checking account and Im nervous. Should I be?

happydawg asked: I banked with a very small bank for the last 8 or 9 years. I am aggrivated because they would not approve me for a home equity loan. I think it is small town bull. I am transferring everything to chase bank. I get free checking, an open end line of credit, a [...]

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How do I confirm it is the proper authority to register for Green Card free lottery? What should I do now?

nazbak asked: I received following e-mail fm [email protected] : “Please Do Not REPLY to this E-mail Get $ 17 discount on your American Green Card registration ! This is a limited time offer of one week ! Do not miss the opportunity and APPLY NOW. If you do not have Credit Card you may pay [...]

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Is it possible to order ExtenZe through money order rather than credit card?

Shagrath Filth asked: i want to try out the 14-day free trial and the shipping is all i have to pay for $9.95 and i dont want to pay through credit there a way i can pay check or money order instead?Caffeinated Content

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