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Is a credit check vital for issuing a mortgage agreement in principle?

harkstar1 asked: i would like to know if you should have a credit check before a principle agreement? and should you pay for a valuation on a property before you’ve been issued with a agreement in principle? does anyone know the correct conduct or legal requirements?LAVERNE

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where can i get a checking account with no credit check?

daydreemer108 asked: I have been researching an online checking account and have found several good offers but no way of knowing what kind of credit check they do. I know that WAMU does not check but does anyone know of any others?CLYDE

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Any free software for envelope budgeting?

TeraBytes asked: I’m looking for a good program you can get..perferably free or really cheap. to do envelope budgeting. I really need to track my checking, credit card, and spending accts. I tried but it is slow and keeps coming up with a script error. is way to expensive..$130.for a year. I need [...]

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In Northern Virginia, What is the best bank or credit union in the area?

lovelygabby19 asked: Like for a free saving account and checking account.Caffeinated Content

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checking accounts?

ohioian asked: Does anyone know of any banks that open free checking accounts without a credit check?Caffeinated Content – Members-Only Content for WordPress

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Does anyone know if there is a way to look up the list of all your bills you owe?

mary_marlene65 asked: I know there is a way the credit agencies can find all your information on line when they do a credit check. But I was wondering if there is a free way that I can look up my self and get all infornation about all my bills and the amount owed for myself? [...]

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